NAME - a renderer (HTML) for b64_encoded_jpeg type MOBY Objects


Please report all bugs to Mark Wilkinson (markw at


just put the renderer in your gbrowse.conf/MobyServices folder and it will work.


This renderer returns HTML that fits between the <td> tags in a web-page to display the content of a b64_encoded_jpeg (or ontological child of) object.


The module has two methods:


this returns a scalar indicating the MOBY Object Class that this renderer is designed to handle. Objects of this type, or objects that inherit from this type, will be passed to this renderer.


This is called with three pieces of data which may or may not be useful to your script:

1) $data - an XML::DOM object representing the deserialized MOBY object
2) $htmldir - the full path to the directory serving your html
 e.g. /usr/local/apache/htdocs/
 (this is the HTDOCS parameter you specified
  when you installed Gbrowse)
3) $imgdir - the additional path information to a writable directory for images
 e.g. /gbrowse/tmp
 (this is the folder specified in the tmpimages parameter
  in your organism.conf file)


The subroutine should return two pieces of data:

1) An HTML representation of the Object
 this will appear between <td></td> tags in the webpage
2) A boolean indicating whether the renderer has parsed all sub-objects, or just the top level object
 '1' indicates that the renderer has fully parsed the Object XML
 '0' indicates that you need Gbrowse to follow child objects
     and render them independently