A small cgi script designed for generating key images for features using heat_map glyph Shows the color space used to display feature scores. Hardcoded to be 120x23 image and may be embedded in hover balloons using stanza code, i.e.

 balloon hover = sub { my $f = shift;
                       my $score = $f->score;
                       my $img_url = "...gbrowse_key_img?min=0;max=0.001;start_c=blue;end_c=green";
                       return $score ? join (" ","<img width=120 height=23 src=\"".$img_url."\"/>",$f->name,"(Score:".$score.")") : $f->name;

The above code will display color key with score information


  Option      Description                   Default
  ------      -----------                   -------

  -start_c     Beginning of the color       white
               gradient, expressed as a 
               named color or RGB hex 
  -end_c       End of the color gradient    red

  -min         Minimum score of the data    0
  -max         Maximum score of the data    255

  -width       Width of the image           120

  -height      Height of the image          20