Foorum::Manual::HowRSS - How we build RSS system

How we build RSS system

  * we don't use L<XML::RSS> or <XML::Feed> or anything else to build RSS, instead we just use TT2 to produce RSS XML.
  * RSS URL is always add /rss at behind. like:
    # /forum/FoorumLongLive has RSS: /forum/FoorumLongLive/rss
    # /site/popular has RSS: /site/popular/RSS
    # /forum/FoorumLongLive/72 has RSS: /forum/FoorumLongLive/72/rss
  * since URL is so special, we have a stash: $c->stash->{isI<rss>template} = ( $path =~ /\/rss(\/|$)/ ) ? 1 : 0;
    # sub end {}. if res->redirect(), we raise RSS error.
    # sub end {}. if template is not RSS, raise RSS error.
  * we have RSS and it's based URL in one sub. so it's pretty neat and easy to read.

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