fm_option_info - Displays informations about a given option.


version 0.7.2


fm_option_info [options] [PATH_TO_CONFIG.CDB] OPTION_NAME

This script searches the given CDB file for the given option.


  --help        -?            Prints this help.
  --version                   Prints current version.
  --verbose     -v            The verbose level. 0 - least output, 2 most output (Default: 0).
  --regex       -r            The given OPTION_NAME should be treated as an regex.
  --description -d            Search also within the description of the option.
                              Only available, if a database can be queried.

Normally you won't specify a cdb file. Just run fm_create_help before you run this script to create a database. If you do not want or cannot create a database for the installtion you want to use, specify a cdb file. If no cdb file is given, it tries to figure out the correct installation with help of $ENV{PATH}.


  fm_option_info c:\proeWildfire4\text\config.cdb DISPLAY

Or use the Wildcard to search display all options within the given file

  fm_option_info c:\proeWildfire4\text\config.cdb *

Or use regex syntax and let fm_option_info guess where the config.cdb is located

  fm_option_info -r "^weld"


fm_option_info checks and displays whether the given option exists in the given cdb file. if it exists, the possible values of the option, are also shown.

This parameter -Fs is translated with "Free String" by all scripts and modules of this distribution. Therefore fm_check_config only verifies, that those options does not have empty values. But this interpretation must not met the oppinion from the original manufacturer.


Joachim Langenbach <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2015 by TU Clausthal, Institut fuer Maschinenwesen.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991