fm_diff_config - Analyzes the differences between two config files.


version 0.7.2


fm_diff_config [options] [PATH_TO_CONFIG_1.PRO] PATH_TO_CONFIG_2.PRO

This script compares the two given config files and displayes added (New in config 2), removed (only in config 1) and changed options.

To analyze the differences between an old and new release of Pro/E or Creo, just remove your current from both installations and export all settings into a file. Afterwards you can determine new options, removed options and especially changed default values. The recommended command is than fm_diff_config -qcip CONFIG_OLD CONFIG_NEW

To create a file with a wiki formatted ( for TRAC) commit message for a version control system use fm_diff_config -l CONFIG_OLD CONFIG_NEW >> MSG.TXT


  --help             -?   Prints this help.
  --version               Prints current version.
  --verbose          -v   The verbose level. 0 - least output, 2 most output (Default: 1).
  --quiet            -q   Quiet (Same as -v 0).
  --changed          -c   Print changed options (Regardless of verbose level)
  --ignore-paths     -p   Ignore all changes, which containes only paths as option values
                          The default is to print those changes in magenta.
                          (Useful comparing old and new standard options (see above))
  --case-insensitive -i   Ignores all changes, with same value, but different cases (e.g. YES and yes)
                          The default is to print those changes in cyan.
  --description      -d   Displays the description of each printed option.
                          Only available, if a database can be queried.
  --added            -a   Print added options (Regardless of verbose level)
  --removed          -r   Print removed options (Regardless of verbose level)
  --changelog        -l   Create a trac wikiformated changelog entry (e.g. for SVN Commit messages)
  --binary           -b   Treat files as binary files. If set, the MD5 digests are compared to test whether
                          both files are identical or not.

If no first config file is given, it tries to figure out the correct installation with help of $ENV{PATH}.


  fm_diff_config c:\proeWildfire4\text\ c:\proeWildfire5\text\

  Or to display the differences between to config files with all default options (see Description)

  fm_diff_config -qcip CONFIG_OLD CONFIG_NEW

  Or to create a commit message within a file call

  fm_diff_config -l CONFIG_OLD CONFIG_NEW >> MSG.TXT


fm_diff_config analyzes two config files and displays the differences. Per default (verbose = 1) it prints out all added, removed and changed options. The changed options also contains options, which contains changed paths (colored magenta) or changes which only differs in their written case (like yes and YES; colored cyan). To hide those mostly not relevant changes, use options -p to suppress path changes and -i to disable case sensitivity (At least for displaying changed options). Further on you can use -q to suppress all detailed output and enable only those parts, which you are interested in with appending one or more of the options -a, -c and -r.

To find out how the default values changes from one release to another, just remove your from your installations, start each version and export a list with all possible options into an file. Afterwards you may call

  fm_diff_config -qcip CONFIG_OLD CONFIG_NEW

to display all changed values, which contains no paths and changed more than only its case. To get all new options or removed options, just call it with -qa or -qr.


Joachim Langenbach <>


This software is Copyright (c) 2015 by TU Clausthal, Institut fuer Maschinenwesen.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 2, June 1991