Data::Hopen::Phase - Namespace for hopen phases.


The specific phases in hopen live under Data::Hopen::Phase. The current phases are:


Read a foundations file and one or more context files; output a capability file and an options file. The user may edit the options file.


Read the capability, option, and context files, plus a recipes file identifying the build graph. Output one or more blueprint files.


Not part of hopen --- run the blueprint files through make(1), ninja(1), or another build tool.

If the dependencies change as the result of a build, the Gen phase is re-run. However, the Probe phase does not have to be re-run.


Hopen is a single-pass build system. You do not have to re-run to converge on a final set of blueprint files.

Hopen is context-aware. You can change the build of a repo without having to touch files in that repo.