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WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL - HAL support for WebAPI::DBIC

HAL - Hypertext Application Language

The Hypertext Application Language hypermedia type (or HAL for short) is a simple JSON format that gives a consistent and easy way to hyperlink between resources in your API. It uses the application/hal+json media type.

Adopting HAL makes the API explorable, and its documentation easily discoverable from within the API itself. In short, it will make your API easier to work with and therefore more attractive to client developers.

A pure-JavaScript "HAL Browser" application is included in the WebAPI::DBIC distribution via the Alien::Web::HalBrowser module.

APIs that adopt HAL can be easily served and consumed using open source libraries available for most major programming languages. It's also simple enough that you can just deal with it as you would any other JSON.

See for more details of the specification.


The WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::DBIC role provides core methods to support HAL data structures used by the other HAL roles listed below.

The WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::Set and WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::Item roles handle GET and HEAD requests for set (resultset) and item (row) resources.

The WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::SetWritable role handles POST requests to set (resultset) resources. It handles the recursive creation of related records. Related records can be nested to any depth and are created from the bottom up within a transaction.

The WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::ItemWritable roles handle PUT and DELETE requests for item (row) resources. It handles the recursive update of related records. Related records can be nested to any depth and are updated from the bottom up within a transaction. Handles both 'PUT is replace' and 'PUT is update' logic.

The WebAPI::DBIC::Resource::HAL::Role::Root role handles GET and HEAD requests for the 'root' of an application. It returns a HAL data structure that describes the available resources and enables navigation of the API by the pure-javascript interactive API browser Alien::Web::HalBrowser.

Implementation Limitations

WebAPI::DBIC doesn't yet offer direct support for documentation resources.


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