VCShell - a command line interface for VCS::Lite::Repository


   B<add> element|repository [element|repository...]
   B<remove> name [name...]
   B<ci>|check_in name [name...]
   B<co>|check_out parent_repository
   B<cd> repository
   B<fetch> name@@gen [>outfile]
   B<diff> file1[@@gen1] [file2[@@gen2]] [>outfile]


VCShell provides a command line interface to the VCS Lite Repository. This aims to be usable by non-Perl programmers, as it provides a wrapper to the functionality in the module.



The add command adds something to a repository: an element or a repository. If the parameter given is a directory, it makes it a repository, otherwise an element. An empty file is created for the element if none exists.


Remove breaks the association between a repository and something it contains. It does not delete any files.


This command is used to check in changes to one or more elements and repositories. Each repository checked in is also recursively checked in.


This makes a clone of one repository into another, and recursively for everything in it. The new repository contains a parent link which points at the original.


If the repository is a clone of a parent repository, this propagates any changes to the parent. Note, a check in (ci) is needed on the parent, for this change to be applied.


This command is used to apply any changes that have happened to the parent. Three way merging occurs for any change that has happened in the mean time.


This command outputs a udiff listing for two generations of an element, or for two different elements. The default generation used is the latest, and the default generation for the "from" file is the predecessor to the "to" generation if comparing the same element.

The output is in diff -u format.


Copyright (C) 2003-2004 Ivor Williams (IVORW (at) CPAN {dot} org) All rights reserved.

This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.