Антон Резников
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Test::Tarantool - The Swiss army knife for tests of Tarantool related Perl and lua code.


Version 0.03


    use Test::Tarantool;
    use AnyEvent;

    # Clear data and exit on Ctrl+C.
    my $w = AnyEvent->signal (signal => "INT", cb => sub { exit 0 });

    my @shards = map {
        my $n = $_;
            host => '',
            spaces => 'space[0] = {
                           enabled = 1,
                           index = [ {
                               type = HASH,
                               unique = 1,
                               key_field = [ { fieldno = 0, type = STR }, ],
                           }, ],
            initlua => do {
                          open my $f, '<', 'init.lua';
                          local $/ = undef;
                          <$f> or "";
            on_die => sub { warn "Shard #$n unexpectedly terminated\n"; exit; },
    } 1..4;

    my @cluster = map { [ $_->{host}, $_->{p_port} ] } @shards;

        my $cv = AE::cv();
        $cv->begin for (@shards);
        $_->start($cv) for (@shards);

        $_->sync_start() for (@shards);

        my ($status, $reason) = $shards[0]->sync_ro();
        die $reason unless $status;
        print (($shards[0]->sync_admin_cmd("show info"))[1]);

    # Some test case here


    # Some test case here


        my ($status, $reason) = $shards[0]->sync_rw();
        die $reason unless $status;
        print (($shards[0]->sync_admin_cmd("show info"))[1]);

    # stop tarantools and clear work directoies
    @shards = ();


new option => value,...

Create new Tarantool instance. Every call of new method increase counter, below called as tarantool number or tn.

root => $path

Tarantool work directory. Default is ./tnt_<10_random_lowercase_letters>

arena => $size

The maximal size of tarantool arena in Gb. Default is 0.1

cleanup => $bool

Remove tarantool work directory after garbage collection. Default is 1

spaces => $string

Tarantool spaces description. This is only one required argument.

initlua => $content

Content of init.lua file. Be default an empty file created.

host => $address

Address bind to. Default:

port => $port

Primary port number, base for s_port, a_port and r_port. Default is 6603+<tn>*4

s_port => $port

Read-only (secondary) port. Default is port+1

a_port => $port

Admin port. Default is port+2

r_port => $port

Replication port. Default is port+3

title => $title

Part of process name (custom_proc_title) Default is "yat<tn<"

wal_mode => $mode

The WAL write mode. See the desctiption of wal_mode tarantool variable. Default is none. Look more about wal_mode in tarantool documentation.

log_level => $number

Tarantool log level. Default is 5

snapshot => $path

Path to some snapshot. If given the symbolic link to it will been created in tarantool work directory.

replication_source => $string

If given the server is considered to be a Tarantool replica.

logger => $sub

An subroutine called at every time, when tarantool write some thing in a log. The writed text passed as the first argument. Default is warn.

on_die => $sub

An subroutine called on a unexpected tarantool termination.

start option => $value, $cb->($status, $reason)

Run tarantool instance.

timeout => $timeout

If not After $timeout seconds tarantool will been kelled by the KILL signal if not started.

stop option => $value, $cb->($status, $reason)

stop tarantool instance

timeout => $timeout

After $timeout seconds tarantool will been kelled by the KILL signal


Send STOP signal to instance


Send CONT signal to instance

ro $cb->($status, $reason)

Switch tarantool instance to read only mode.

rw $cb->($status, $reason)

Switch tarantool instance to write mode.

admin_cmd $cmd, $cb->($status, $response_or_reason)

Exec a command via the amind port.


Return values of utime and stime from /proc/[pid]/stat, converted to seconds

sync_start sync_stop sync_ro sync_rw sync_admin_cmd

Aliases for start, stop, ro, rw, admin_cmd respectively, arguments a similar, but cb not passed.


Anton Reznikov, <anton.n.reznikov at gmail.com>


Please report any bugs or feature requests to <a.reznikov at corp.mail.ru>


You can find documentation for this module with the perldoc command.

    perldoc Test::Tarantool


    Mons Anderson    - The original idia of the module.


Copyright 2014 Anton Reznikov.

This program is released under the following license: GPL