Test2::Harness::Event - Subclass of Test2::Event used by Test2::Harness under the hood.


Test2 tests produce a sequence of events objects Test2::Event. This is a subclass of those events for use in Test2::Harness. Event non-test tests which produce TAP output will have the output parsed into these types of events.


In normal usage ou will never need to create one fo these events yourself. This documentation assumes you are operating on an existing event $event that the harness exposed to you via a plugin or similar.

    my $facet_data = $event->facet_data;
    my $run_id     = $event->run_id;
    my $job_id     = $event->job_id;
    my $job_try    = $event->job_try;
    my $event_id   = $event->event_id;


See Test2::Event for methods provided by the base class.

$hashref = $event->TO_JSON

Used for json serialization.

$json_string = $event->as_json

This will return a json representation of the event. Note that this is a lossy conversion with some harness specific state removed by design. This may even be a cached copy of the json string that was decoded to produce the original object. If the string was not cached before it will be cached for all future calls ignoring any state change to the event.

The lossy/cached conversion is intended so that events get passed through the harness pipeline without modifications from one step translating to another. If you need something extra to go through you need to either replace the event or create an additional one.

$string = $event->event_id

Usually a UUID, but not always!

i$hashref = $event->facet_data

Get the event facet data, this is the meat of the event that hold all the state.

$string = $event->job_id

Usually a UUID, but not always!

$int = $event->job_try

Integer, 0 or greater. Some jobs are run additional times if they fail, this says which attempt the event is for. The counter starts at 0.

$bool = $event->processed

This will be true if the event has been process by the harness. Note that this attibute is not serialized by TO_JSON or as_json.

$string = $event->run_id

The run id. This is usually a UUID, but not always!

$ts = $event->stamp

A unix timestamp for when the event was created.

$id = $event->stream_id

This is an implementation detail of Test2::Formatter::Stream, do not rely on it. This is used to prevent parsing errors when stream output is nested in other stream output, which can happen if you are writing tests for the stream formatter itself.

$trace = $event->trace

This si a shortcut for $event->facet_data->{trace}. The trace data is essential and used everywhere.


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Chad Granum <>


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