Test2::Formatter::Stream - Test2 Formatter that directly writes events.


This formatter writes all test2 events to event files (one per process/thread) instead of writing them to STDERR/STDOUT. It will output synchronization messages to STDERR/STDOUT every time an event is written. From this data the test output can be properly reconstructed in order with STDERR/STDOUT and events mostly synced so that they appear in the correct order.

This formatter is not usually useful to humans. This formatter is used by Test2::Harness when possible to prevent the loss of data that normally occurs when TAP is used.


If you really want your test to output this:

    use Test2::Formatter::Stream;
    use Test2::V0;

Otherwise just use App::Yath without the --no-stream argument and this formatter will be used when possible.


The source code repository for Test2-Harness can be found at


Chad Granum <>


Chad Granum <>


Copyright 2020 Chad Granum <>.

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