Tangence::Meta::Method - structure representing one Tangence method


This data structure object stores information about one Tangence class method. Once constructed, such objects are immutable.


$method = Tangence::Meta::Method->new( %args )

Returns a new instance initialised by the given arguments.

class => Tangence::Meta::Class

Reference to the containing class

name => STRING

Name of the method

arguments => ARRAY

Optional ARRAY reference containing arguments as Tangence::Meta::Argument references.

ret => STRING

Optional string giving the return value type as a Tangence::Meta::Type reference


$class = $method->class

Returns the class the method is a member of

$name = $method->name

Returns the name of the class

@arguments = $method->arguments

Return the arguments in a list of Tangence::Meta::Argument references.

@argtypes = $method->argtypes

Return the argument types in a list of Tangence::Meta::Type references.

$ret = $method->ret

Returns the return type as a Tangence::Meta::Type reference or undef if the method does not return a value.


Paul Evans <>