TV::ARIB::ProgramGenre - Utilities for TV program genre of ARIB


    use utf8;
    use Encode qw/encode_utf8/;
    use TV::ARIB::ProgramGenre qw/get_genre_name get_genre_id
                                  get_parent_genre_name get_parent_genre_id/;

    my $genre = get_genre_name(0, 1);       # => encode_utf8('天気')
    my $id    = get_genre_id('国内アニメ'); # => is_deeply [7, 0]

    my $parent_genre    = get_parent_genre_name(1);      # => encode_utf8('スポーツ')
    my $parent_genre_id = get_parent_genre_id('ドラマ'); # => 3


TV::ARIB::ProgramGenre is the utilities for TV program genre of ARIB. Details about ARIB TV program genre are in (Japanese pdf).


  • get_genre_name($parent_genre_id, $child_genre_id)

    Get genre name by parent genre ID and child genre ID

  • get_genre_id($genre_name)

    Get genre ID by genre name. It returns array reference like so [$parent_genre_id, $child_genre_id]

  • get_parent_genre_name($parent_genre_id)

    Get parent genre name by parent genre ID

  • get_parent_genre_id($parent_genre_name)

    Get parent genre ID by parent genre name


Copyright (C) moznion.

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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