Stephen R. Scaffidi
and 1 contributors


TL1ng::Generic - Provides generic TL1 commands and functionality


This class extends TL1ng::Base to provide basic TL1 session management capabilities like login and logout of nodes available via the connected NE/GNE's TL1 agent.

Since this class inherits from TL1ng::Base, look there for the rest of the methods this module supports.


Provides nothing over and above the constructor for TL1ng::Base, except for the initalization of some extra internal data this class needs.


Given a TID/SID, a username, and a password, this method attempts to establish a login session with an NE available through the currently connected NE/GNE.


Given the name of an NE (it's TID or SID) it terminates the current login session.


Returns a hashref with information on all currently logged-in sessions.