SVK::Log::Filter::XML - display log messages in XML format


    > svk log --xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <logentry revision="1234" original="456">
    <msg>This is the commit message for the revision.</msg>
    > svk log --output xml


The XML filter is an output filter for displaying log messages in XML format. The organization of the XML format should be self-explanatory after a little experimentation. The format is designed to be compatible with Subversion's XML output, so you should be able to use tools like without any modification. However, since SVK supports arbitary log filters (see SVK::Log::Filter for details on writing one), it may be easier to write your own output format than to process the XML.

This filter is invoked implicitly when you specify the "--xml" argument to SVK's log command. Two arguments to the log command modify XML's behavior.


Providing this command-line option to the log command prevents the XML filter from displaying the contents of the log message. All other information is displayed as usual.


Providing this command-line option to the log command makes the XML filter display history information for each revision. The history includes the kind of modification (modify, add, delete) and any copy history for each path that was modified in the revision.


XML leaves all properties and the stash intact.