SVK::Editor::Copy - Turn editor calls to calls with history


  $editor = SVK::Editor::Copy->new
    ( _editor => [$next_editor],
      copyboundry_root => $root,
      copyboundry_rev => \@possible_rev,
      src => $src,
      dst => $dst,
      cb_resolve_copy => sub {},


This is the magic editor that turns a series of history-unaware editor calls into history-aware ones. The main Subversion tree delta API SVN::Repos::dir_delta generates "expanded" editor calls, mainly to be used for editors for writing to checkout or showing diff. However, it's desired to have history-aware editor calls for the purpose of replaying revisions which have copies, or displaying diff for copy-then-modified files.

copyboundry_rev contains an array of possible points to be used as copyfrom rev to be resolved. but the logic should be moved to the resolver.