SVK::Command::Admin - Administration tools


Subcommands provided by svnadmin:

 admin help [COMMAND]
 admin deltify [DEPOTNAME]
 admin dump [DEPOTNAME]
 admin hotcopy /path/to/repository [DEPOTNAME]
 admin list-dblogs [DEPOTNAME]
 admin list-unused-dblogs [DEPOTNAME]
 admin load [DEPOTNAME]
 admin lstxns [DEPOTNAME]
 admin recover [DEPOTNAME]
 admin rmtxns [DEPOTNAME]
 admin setlog -r REVISION FILE [DEPOTNAME]
 admin verify [DEPOTNAME]

Subcommands specific to svk:

 admin rmcache

The rmcache subcommand purges the inode/mtime/size cache on all checkout subdirectories. Use svk admin help for helps on other subcommands.