A role to ease attaching actions to Reaction::InterfaceModel::Objects



Read-only, lazy-building ArrayRef of URI objects pointing to actions.


A HashRef of prototypes for building the Action links. The prototypes should be composed like these:

    my %action_prototypes = (
      example_action => { label => 'Example Action', uri => $uri_obj },

    #or you can get fancy and do something like what is below:
    sub make_label{
      my($im, $ctx) =  @_; #InterfaceModel::Object/Collection, Catalyst Context
      return 'label_text';
    sub make_uri{
      my($im, $ctx) =  @_; #InterfaceModel::Object/Collection, Catalyst Context
      return return $ctx->uri_for('some_action');
    my %action_prototypes = (
      example_action => { label => \&make_label, uri => \&make_uri },


User-provided ArrayRef with how the actions should be ordered eg

     action_order => [qw/view edit delete/]


Read-only lazy-building ARRAY ref. The final computed action order. This may differ from the action_order provided if you any actions were not included in that list.



Cycle through the computed_action_order and create a new ViewPort::URI object for each action using the provided prototypes.


Compute the final action ordering by using the provided action_order as a spec to order all the present actions (the keys of action_prototypes)


Action prototypes are simply hashrefs that must contain a uri key and may contain a label key. The label can be anything that the display attribute of ViewPort::URI will accept, usually a scalar or a ViewPort. The value for uri may be either a scalar, a URI object (or anything that ISA URI).

Additionally, both label and uri can be CODE refs. In this case, the code will be executed at _build_actions time and will recieve two arguments, the value returned by model and the value returned by ctx in that order. Both of these methods should be implemented in the consuming class. By convention, model refers to the target of the action, an InterfaceModel::Object in the case of a member action and an InterfaceModel::Collection in the case of a Collection action. ctx should be the current Catalyst context.


See Reaction::Class for authors.


See Reaction::Class for the license.