RDF::Query::Parser - Parser base class


This document describes RDF::Query::Parser version 2.918.


new_literal ( $literal, $language, $datatype )

Returns a new literal structure.

new_variable ( $name )

Returns a new variable structure.

new_blank ( $name )

Returns a new blank node structure.

new_uri ( $uri )

Returns a new variable structure.

new_triple ( $s, $p, $o )

Returns a new triple structure.

new_unary_expression ( $operator, $operand )

Returns a new unary expression structure.

new_binary_expression ( $operator, @operands )

Returns a new binary expression structure.

new_function_expression ( $function, @operands )

Returns a new function expression structure.

new_alias_expression ( $alias, $expression )

Returns a new alias expression structure.

new_filter ( $filter_expr, $pattern )

Returns a new filter structure.

fail ( $error )

Sets the current error to $error.

If the parser is in commit mode (by calling set_commit), throws a RDF::Query::Error::ParseError object. Otherwise returns undef.

error ()

Returns the last error the parser experienced.


 Gregory Williams <>