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Pod::Weaver::PluginBundle::BioPerl - Configure your POD like Bioperl does


version 0.27


This Pod::Weaver plugin bundle is used by Dist::Zilla::Pluginbundle::BioPerl so if you're using it, you're already using this as well. Otherwise, either add to your .dist.ini

  config_plugin = @BioPerl

or to your weaver.ini



This is the Pod::Weaver configuration for the BioPerl project. It is roughly equivalent to:


  [Region / prelude]

  [Generic / SYNOPSIS]
  [Generic / DESCRIPTION]
  [Generic / OVERVIEW]

  [Collect / ATTRIBUTES]
  command = attr
  [Collect / METHODS]
  command = method
  [Collect / FUNCTIONS]
  command = func
  command = internal


  [Region / postlude]

  [GenerateSection / FEEDBACK]
  head = 1
  [GenerateSection / Mailing lists]
  head = 2
  text =
  [GenerateSection / Support]
  head = 2
  text =a rather long text
  [GenerateSection / Reporting bugs]
  head = 2
  text = a rather long text

  encoding = UTF-8

  transformer = List



Mailing lists

User feedback is an integral part of the evolution of this and other Bioperl modules. Send your comments and suggestions preferably to the Bioperl mailing list. Your participation is much appreciated.

  bioperl-l@bioperl.org               - General discussion
  https://bioperl.org/Support.html    - About the mailing lists


Please direct usage questions or support issues to the mailing list: bioperl-l@bioperl.org rather than to the module maintainer directly. Many experienced and reponsive experts will be able look at the problem and quickly address it. Please include a thorough description of the problem with code and data examples if at all possible.

Reporting bugs

Report bugs to the Bioperl bug tracking system to help us keep track of the bugs and their resolution. Bug reports can be submitted via the web:



Carnë Draug <carandraug+dev@gmail.com>


This software is copyright (c) 2013-2017 by Carnë Draug.

This software is available under the same terms as the perl 5 programming language system itself.