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Pod::HTML - Translate POD into HTML file


        use Pod::HTML;


findindex REF, PATH, [PATH, ...]

Find the index.

flowed ARRAY

Translate the array of annotations into HTML. Recurses over contained arrays.

For now, leave a tag ("{t}") for each type "t" to show the translation rule for ambiguous constructs.

simpleText TEXT

Pick off the initial characters of the text, and apply an outstanding index item to them. The deferred index is in array @waitingindex.

Also, translate special characters. Return either a text item or an array.

comment COMMENTS

Create a comment HTML element.

Currently, will not be printed in normal HTML display.

1 POD Error

The following errors were encountered while parsing the POD:

Around line 24:

'=item' outside of any '=over'

=over without closing =back