Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity - (DEPRECATED) Convention for Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::* modules


This document describes version 0.021 of Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity (from Perl distribution Perinci-Sub-ArgEntity), released on 2019-07-03.


In your Rinci function metadata:

     v => 1.1,
     summary => 'Some function',
     args => {
         file => {
             # specification for 'file' argument
             schema  => 'str*',
             'x.schema.entity' => 'filename',
         url => {
             # specification for 'url' argument
             schema  => ['array*', of => 'str*'],
             'x.schema.element_entity' => 'riap_url',

Now in command-line application:

 % myprog --file <tab>

will use completion routine from function complete_arg_val in module Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::filename, while:

 % myprog --url <tab>

will use element completion routine from function complete_arg_val in module Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::riap_url.


STATUS: This module is now deprecated. It is now preferred to express the "type" or "entity" of a schema in the schema name itself, e.g. Sah::Schema::filename instead of Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::filename, reducing duplication. To specify completion rule in the Sah schema instead of in the Rinci argument specification, you can use Perinci::Sub::XCompletion. So far, Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity *is* only used to specify completion rule.

The namespace Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity::* is used to put data and routine related to certain types (entities) of function arguments.


The idea is: instead of having to put completion routine (coderef) directly in argument specification, like:

 file => {
     # specification for 'file' argument
     schema  => 'str*',
     completion => \&Complete::File::complete_file,

you just specify the argument as being of a certain entity using the attribute x.schema.entity:

 file => {
     # specification for 'file' argument
     schema  => 'str*',
     'x.schema.entity' => 'filename',

and module like Perinci::Sub::Complete will search the appropriate completion routine (if any) for your argument. In this case, it will search for the module named Perinci::Sub::ArgEntity:: + entity_name and then look up the function complete_arg_val.

Note that aside from completion, there are other uses for the x.schema.entity attribute, e.g. in help message generation, etc. More things will be formally specified in the future.


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