PITA::XML::SAXParser - Implements a SAX Parser for PITA::XML files


Although you won't need to use it directly, this class provides a "SAX Parser" class that converts a stream of SAX events (most likely from an XML file) and populates a PITA::XML with PITA::XML::Install objects.

Please note that this class is incomplete at this time. Although you can create objects and parse some of the tags, many are still ignored at this time (in particular the <output> and <analysis> tags.


In addition to the following documented methods, this class implements a large number of methods relating to its implementation of a XML::SAX::Base subclass. These are not considered part of the public API, and so are not documented here.


  # Create the SAX parser
  my $parser = PITA::XML::SAXParser->new( $report );

The new constructor takes a single PITA::XML object and creates a SAX Parser for it. When used, the SAX Parser object will fill the empty PITA::XML object with PITA::XML::Install reporting objects.

If used with a PITA::XML that already has existing content, it will add the new install reports in addition to the existing ones.

Returns a new PITA::XML::SAXParser object, or dies on error.


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