PDLA::Lite - minimum PDLA module OO loader


Loads the smallest possible set of modules for PDLA to work, importing only those functions always defined by PDLA::Core) into the current namespace (pdl, piddle, barf and null). This is the absolute minimum set for PDLA.

Access to other functions is by method syntax, viz:

  $x = PDLA->pdl(1, 2, 3, 4, 5);


 use PDLA::Lite; # Is equivalent to the following:

   use PDLA::Core '';
   use PDLA::Ops '';
   use PDLA::Primitive '';
   use PDLA::Ufunc '';
   use PDLA::Basic '';
   use PDLA::Slices '';
   use PDLA::Bad '';
   use PDLA::Version;
   use PDLA::Lvalue;