PDLA::Graphics::TriD::VRML -- TriD VRML backend


  BEGIN { $PDLA::Graphics::TriD::device = "VRML"; }

  use PDLA::Graphics::TriD;
  use PDLA::LiteF;

  # set some vrml parameters
  my $set = tridsettings(); # get the defaults

  line3d([$x,$y,$z]); # plot some lines and view the scene with a browser


This module implements the VRML for PDLA::Graphics::TriD (the generic 3D plotting interface for PDLA). You can use this backend either (a) for generating 3D graphics on your machine which can be directly viewed with a VRML browser or (b) generate dynamic VRML worlds to distribute over the web.

With VRML, you can generate objects for everyone to see with e.g. Silicon Graphics' Cosmo Player. You can find out more about VRML at or


Probably incomplete/buggy implementation of some TriD features.


Copyright (C) 1997, 1998 Christian Soeller ( All rights reserved. There is no warranty. You are allowed to redistribute this software / documentation under certain conditions. For details, see the file COPYING in the PDLA distribution. If this file is separated from the PDLA distribution, the copyright notice should be included in the file.