The papp app config variable xpcse_prefix can be used to specify an access port that xpcse uses. This is useful in case the application itself is protected by basic authentication or cookies and xpcse cannot make use of them.


client_edit_surl $ref, $content-type, %flags

Returns a surl for remote editing ref

  $ref            A tied scalar that should be edited or a fully
                  qualified filename
  $content-type   Content-type like "image/jpg"
  @flags          Optional flags that affects processing.
                  Supported flags:

                      extension => ".png"
                        file extension like ".txt". If missing, a
                        suitable extension will be guessed (see

                      check_ms => 300
                        check interval for filesystem updates

                      dirty_wait => 2
                        mtime must be stable for dirty_wait check_ms
                        rounds before submitting

                      on_exit_only => 1
                        save only when client-app is exiting

                      quiet => 1
                        suppress "Upload OK messages"

                      template => "/path/to/templatefile" 
                        substitute this file if $ref is a filename
                        that does not exist. Copy on write

                      auth_username => "username"
                        username for http authentification

                      auth_password => "password"
                        password for http authentification
                      auth_proxy_username => "username"
                        username for proxy authentification

                      auth_proxy_password => "password"
                        password for proxy authentification

                      line => 9999
                        select current line for edit sessions, only a hint

See client_edit_surl




 Marc Lehmann <>