Author image Joshua Nathaniel Pritikin


ObjStore::Lib::PDL - Persistent PDL-compatible matrices


    use PDL::Lite;
    use ObjStore::Lib::PDL;

    begin 'update', sub {
      my $pdl = ObjStore::Lib::PDL->new($near,
                          { Datatype => PDL::float(), Dims => [3,3] });

      $pdl->slice(":,4")->clump(2) *= 2;  #or whatever
    die if $@;


The main thing of interest is that dimensions are arranged in memory such that the first dimension is the most packed. For example, in a PDL of dimensions [2,3] the layout is as follows:


Be aware that this memory layout convention is dependent on the implementation of PDL. It is, however, very unlikely to change.




Copyright © 1999 Joshua Nathaniel Pritikin. All rights reserved.

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