OOPS::GC - Garbage Collector for OOPS


 use OOPS::GC;



OOPS::GC provides a garbage collector for your persistent data. You only need this if you've got a persistent memory leak in your program. The way to leak memory is to make a circular reference between objects and then delete all reference to the objects with the circular reference.

It's easy to do accidently.

If you find your database is growing more than you think it should, run OOPS::CG::gc() on it.

For the database that support concurrent access (ie: not SQLite), the garbage collector runs in the background and does not lock up the database. The garbage collector may need to temporarily store additional information in the database so don't run it when your disk is already full!


The arguments you pass to gc() are exactly the same as the arguments you pass to OOPS::dbiconnect().


Same as for OOPS.