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Net::SolarWinds::Result - Result class


  use Net::SolarWinds::Result;

  my $res=new_true Net::SolarWinds::Result('some data');

  print $res->get_data if($res);

  $res->set_false('some error');

  die $res unless $res;


This package acts as a general result class, it allows for returing of state and objects within a single context using encapsulation.


The following methods have been overloaded

    # an instance when set to false will test as false
    # an instance when called in a string context will return
    # the error message given if any

OO Methods

  • Objec Construcotr(s)

    Multiple objec constructors have been provided.

      new Net::SolarWinds::Result(
          # true false state
          # data for the $self->get_data command
        msg=>'human readable string',
          # message for the '""' op or $self->get_msg
          # extra paylod ( helpful in debugging )
      new_true Net::SolarWinds::Result($data,$extra)
       Returns a new true object
      new_false Net::SolarWinds::Result($msg,$extra)
      Returns a new false instance
      new_error Net::SolarWinds::Result($msg,$extra);
      Returns a new false instance
      new_ok Net::SolarWinds::Result($data,$extra);
      Returns a new true instance
  • if($self->is_ok) {...}

    Returns true if the instance is true.

  • my $data=$self->get_data

    Returns the object from the data field

  • my $extra=$self->get_extra

    Returns the object from the extra field

  • $self->set_true($data,$extra)

    Sets the current argument to true, overloading the current $data and $extra objects

  • my $error=$self->get_error

    Returns the current msg value

  • my $msg=$self->get_msg

    Returns the current msg value, if undef it returns ''

  • $self->set_false($msg,$extra)

    Sets the object to a false state, this will destroy an objects in the $data field.

  • $self->set_boolean_cb(sub { 0 } );

    Special case: allows for setting call backs for the boolean state.

  • $self->DESTROY()

    Used for cleaning up the object internals


Michael Shipper