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Net::SolarWinds::REST::Batch - SolarWinds Batch Process class


  use strict;
  use warnings;
  use Data::Dumper;
  use Net::SolarWinds::REST::Batch

  my $self=new Net::SolarWinds::REST::Batch;

  my $result=$self->get_node('kstlldrmap04');

  die $result unless $result;

  print Dumper($result->get_data);


A wrapper class for Net::SolarWinds::REST, that provides high level batch like interfaces that tie a lot of the smaller functions togeather.

Extends Net::SolarWinds::REST

All of the base funtions provided by Net::SolarWinds::REST are included in this module, for better or worse!

OO Methods

This section covers the OO Methods of the class.

  • my $result=$self->manage_node($struct,$allow_failure);

    $allow_failure is optional, if not defined it is set to true. The flag allows for the falure of anything other than the node itself not being created.

    A fairly complex interface used to build out a node for management.

    Example of the data of $struct:

        # list of snmp pollers for the node
        # see also: add_pollers
        "node_pollers" => [
        # see also: add_volumes
        "volumes" => ["/home/apm","/tmp","/var"],
        # The Network Interfaces to monitor
        # see also: manage_interfaces 
          "dcinstance" => "production",
          "administrator" => "EMS/NMS",
        # denote if this node needs to be replaced as it is created
        # see also, build_node
        "replace" => false,
        # The disk volumes to monitor
        # Argumetns required to build a node
        # see also, build_node
        "node" => {
          "EngineID" => 18,
          "Status" => 1,
          "IPAddress" => "",
          "RediscoveryInterval" => 30,
          "Community" => "public",
          "DisplayName" => "kstlldrmap04",
          "MachineType" => "net-snmp - Linux",
          "UnManaged" => false,
          "PollInterval" => 46,
          "StatCollection" => 10,
          "SysObjectID" => "",
          "SNMPVersion" => 2,
          "DynamicIP" => false,
          "Caption" => "kstlldrmap04",
          "ObjectSubType" => "SNMP",
          "VendorIcon" => "8072.gif            ",
          "Allow64BitCounters" => true
       # Note: This requires the APM module in Solarwinds
       # denote objects used to create templates
       # see also: add_templates
       "templates" => [
          "SDS - Application details-U/L - Warning",
          "SDS - DMS Adaptor Daemon Monitor - Critical",
          "SDS - Drum - Warning",
          "AWS Mail Alert Daemon",
          "CPM Ghosting"
  • my $result=$self->get_node($thing);

    $thing can contain any one of the following: NodeID, IpAddress, Caption.

    This method returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object.

    When true it contains the first node found that matched what was passed in as $thing.

    When false it contains why it failed.

  • my $result=$self->set_managed($thing,0|1);

    This is really just a wrapper for $self->get_node followed by $self->UpdateNodeProps($node_id,UnManaged=>0|1);

    Returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object

  • my $result=$self->get_management_config($thing);

    Programatic way build a refrence template for: manage_node

    Returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object If true, it contains a data structure requried to build out the node refred to as $thing. If false, it contains why it failed.

  • my $result=$self->get_poller_map($id,$type);

    Used to get a uniqe hash of all pollers assigned to this object.

    $id can be: NodeID $type=N VolumeID $type=V InterfaceID $type=I

    Returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object.

  • my $result=$self->getPollerInterfaceMap($nodeid)

    Returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object, when true it contains a hash mapping ifType to PollerType

  • my $result=$self->GetNodeInterfacePollers($nodeid)

    When true it returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result object that contains the interface poller and id info.

  • my $result=$self->add_pollers($id,$t,@pollers);

    Adds a list of pollers of type to given id.

    $id can be: NodeID $type=N VolumeID $type=V InterfaceID $type=I

    @polers contains a list of snmp pollers.



    Returns a Net::SolarWinds::Result Object.

  • my $result=$self->add_volumes($node_id,@vols);

    $node_id is the NodeID of the device

    @vols can contain a mix of [either list of objects or volume names.

    Object Example:

       "pollers" => [
       "type" => "Network Disk",
       "path" => "/home/apm"

    String Example:


    When using the string example, the default pollers are added.

  • my $result=$self->add_templates($node_id,@templates);

    Add a list of templates to the device for monitoring.

    $$node_id is the NodeID of the node

    @templates Example list:

          "SDS - Application details-U/L - Warning",
          "SDS - DMS Adaptor Daemon Monitor - Critical",
          "SDS - Drum - Warning",
          "AWS Mail Alert Daemon",
          "CPM Ghosting"
  • my $result=$self->manage_interfaces($node_id,@interfaces);

    $node_id is the "NodeID" of the machine to work with

    @interfaces contains a list of Object hashes or interface names.

    Object Example: In the object example all details, such as the pooler and custom properties are set manually.

       "pollers" : [
       "ifname" : "eth1",
         "custom_props" : {
         "alert_rx_percent_utilization" : 90,
         "alarmerrorrate" : 0,
         "alert_tx_percent_utilization" : 90

    Interface name example: In the interface name example just the name of the interface is passed.


    Odds are you will just want to use a list of human readable interface names:



    Gives up at the first error, and may not complete the process of adding things. Odds are this code will need to be made more forgiving.

  • my $result=$self->create_or_update_node($ip,%args);

    Wrapper for $self->build_node with $DeleteIfExists set to false

  • my $result=$self->replace_node($ip,%args);

    Wrapper for $self->build_node with $DeleteIfExists set to true

  • my $result=$self->build_node($ip,$DeleteIfExists,%args);

    Used to create a node if it does not exist.

    Variabels: $ip The ipv4 address of the box

        if this value is set to true and this node exists all ready
        it will be deleted and re-created!
        The node properties
        See also: Net::SolarWinds::REST::UpdateNodeProps
  • my $result=$self->build_unmanaged($ip,$DeleteIfExists,%args);

    Wrapper for build_node, flips the node to UnManaged=>1 once it has been created or if it all ready exists.

  • my $result=$self->GetAlertSettingsMap($thing);

    When true, returns a data structure that represents alerting thresholds and custom properties for the node, and its interfaces, templates, and volumes. when fals: returns why it failed

    $thing can be a nodeid, hostname or ipaddress.

  • my $result=$self->bulk_ip_lookup(@ip_list)

    Returns a SolarWinds::Result Object.

    When true it contains the search results of all the ips that were looked up


Michael Shipper