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Net::SolarWinds::Helper - Common OO Methods


  use base qw(Net::SolarWinds::Helper);


This class provides common OO methods used to for Solarwinds development. These methods are all stand alone.

  • my $reverse_hex=$self->ip_to_reverse_hex($ip);

    Converts an IP into hex with the octets swapped to reverse order.

  • my $gui_ip=$self->ip_to_gui($ip);

    Converts a quad notation ip to the gui display version SolarWinds uses..

  • my $swis=$self->nodeUri($node_id);

    Returns the node Uri based on the $node_id

Query Drivers

Many of the internals use site spesific SWQL statements, they are defined as constants in this class. Since some of these queries are Solarwinds install spesific it may be required to overload some of these queries.

Query Drivers For: Net::SolarWinds::REST

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getInterfacesOnNode;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getNodesByDisplayName;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getNodesByID;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getApplicationTemplate;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getTemplatesOnNode;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getNodesByIp;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_bulk_ip_lookup

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getVolumeTypeMap;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getEngines;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getNodeUri;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getEngine;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getVolumeMap;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_GetAlertSettings;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_GetNodePollers;

Query Drivers For: Net::SolarWinds::REST::Batch

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_getPollerInterfaceMap;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_GetNodeInterfacePollers;

  • my $sql=$self->SWQL_get_poller_map;


Michael Shipper