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Net::SolarWinds::FileRotationBase - base file rotation framework


  use base qw(Net::SolarWinds::FileRotationBase);


This modle is intended to be used as a base module for modules that require an auto file rotation framework. Auto file rotation is handled by file size.

OO Methods

  • Object constructor

    The object constructor for this class has a collection of optional arguments. Arguments are passed to the constructor in key value pairs.

    Constructor useage example:

      my $fr=new Net::SolarWinds::FileRotationBase(folder=>'/var/logs/myapp',basefilename=>'someapp');

    Argument list is as follows (default values shown):

      # Fully quallified system path to the log file
      # sets the folder files will be created and rotated under
      # sets the basefilename
      basefilename => 'DefaultFile',
      # used to concat the folder and filenames togeather
      pathconncat  => '/',
      # sets thefile extention to be used
      ext => 'log',
      # sets the number of files to keep in rotation
      maxfilecount => 3,
      # sets the max file size ( 8mb )
      maxsize      => 1024 * 1024 * 8,
      # sets the autoflush state ( handy for real time info in the file )
      autoflush    => 1,
      # sets the file auto rotation flag
      autorotate   => 1,
      # glob ref will be overwritten with the current fh
  • $fr->set_mirror(\*STDERR);

    Sets a file handle to be mirroed to:

  • my $filename=$fr->generate_filename;

    Retuns the filename of the active file.

  • my $fh=$fr->get_fh;

    Returns the active filehandle.

  • $fr->rotate_files

    Forces log files to be rotated now!

  • $fr->close_fh;

    Closes the current active file handle.

  • $fr->write_to_file("Something to write to my file\n");

    Writes the list of arguments to the target file.


Michael Shipper