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Net::SSH::Perl::Key::ECDSA - Elliptical Curve DSA key object base class


    use Net::SSH::Perl::Key;
    my $key = Net::SSH::Perl::Key->new('ECDSA521');


Net::SSH::Perl::Key::ECDSA subclasses Net::SSH::Perl::Key to implement the base class of an elliptical curve DSA key object. The underlying implementation is provided by Crypt::PK::ECC, and this class wraps around that module to provide SSH-specific functionality (eg. taking in a Net::SSH::Perl::Buffer blob and transforming it into a key object).


Net::SSH::Perl::Key::ECDSA implements the interface described in the documentation for Net::SSH::Perl::Key. Any differences or additions are described here.

$key->read_private($file [, $passphrase])

Since this class is a base class, the read_private method reblesses to the subclass based on the key type loaded.


Wraps around Crypt::PK::ECC::sign_message to sign $data using the key $key, then encodes that signature into an SSH-compatible signature blob.

Returns the signature blob.

$key->verify($signature, $data)

Given a signature blob $signature and the original signed data $data, attempts to verify the signature using the key $key. This wraps around Crypt::PK::ECC::verify_message to perform the core verification.

$signature should be an SSH-compatible signature blob, as returned from sign; $data should be a string of data, as passed to sign.

Returns true if the verification succeeds, false otherwise.


Lance Kinley E<lkinley@loyaltymethods.com>

Copyright (c) 2016 Loyalty Methods, Inc.

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