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Net::SSH::Perl::Auth::KeyboardInt - Keyboard-interactive auth plugin


    use Net::SSH::Perl::Auth;
    my $auth = Net::SSH::Perl::Auth->new('KeyboardInt', $ssh);


Net::SSH::Perl::Auth::KeyboardInt performs keyboard-interactive authentication with a remote sshd server. This plugin is only usable when using the SSH2 protocol, and you generally never need to use it manually; the client and server will perform authentication negotiation in order to log in the user, a step which happens automatically.

When you create a new authentication object, you give it a Net::SSH::Perl::SSH2 object $ssh, which should contain an open connection to an ssh daemon, as well as the data that the authentication module needs to proceed.

The authenticate method will enter into a dialog with the server. For keyboard-interactive authentication, this entails sending a request to authenticate the user using this form of authentication, then waiting for any number of prompts for authentication. These prompts are then presented to the user, who enters his/her responses; the responses are then sent back to the server, which either allows or denies the user's credentials.

The fact that this authentication method requires responses to interactive prompts requires that you only use this method in an interactive SSH connection.


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