Net::Google::PicasaWeb::Base - base class


version 0.12


This defines some common tools available to many of the classes included with Net::Google::PicasaWeb.


These are common attributes shared by subclasses.


This is a link back to the parent Net::Google::PicasaWeb class responsible for communicating with the Picasa Web API.


This is the XML::Twig::Elt the class was last updated with. This may be used to get more detailed information out of the elements in case there are features of it you want, but this library does not yet provide.

Note: There is no guarantee that future versions of this library will be based upon XML::Twig. As such, you should avoid depending on this if you can.



Given the name of a tag expected in the feed or entry used to define this class, return the text in that element.

This can be helpful at getting into fields passed back from Google that aren't part of the API provided by Net::Google::PicasaWeb (yet). This is only available for objects created by fetching or listing from Google's API.

If you need something more complex than this, you will need to try to use the "twig" attribute. However, since that attribute is not guaranteed to exist in a future release, use at your own risk. Personally, I'd recommend forking the API on github, patching the code to add the support you want, and submitting a ticket to CPAN RT and beg the author to add it to the next release. If you provide a test, it's very likely your patch will be included quickly.


Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp <>


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