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Mojolicious::Plugin::ExposeControllerMethod - expose controller method


    # in your app

    # Then in a template:
    Hi <%= ctrl->name %>


This module is for advanced use. $c/$self are already made available in templates and are likely sufficient for the majority of use cases. This module was created in order to expose Moose attributes in a way where you don't have to stash them every single time you want to use them.

This module exposes selected methods from the current controller to Mojolicious templates via the ctrl helper.

In order to expose methods to Mojolicious templates your controller must implement the controller_method_name method which will be passed the name of the method Mojolicious wishes to call on the controller. This method should return either false (if the method cannot be called), or the name the method that should be called ( which is probably the same as the name of the method passed in.)

For example:

  package MyApp::Controller::Example;
  use Mojo::Base 'Mojolicious::Controller';

  sub name           { return "Mark Fowler" }
  sub any_other_name { return "Still smells sweet" }
  sub reverse        { my $self = shift; return scalar reverse join '', @_ }

  sub controller_method_name {
      my $self = shift;
      my $what = shift;

      return $what if $what =~ /\A(test1|reverse)\z/;
      return 'any_other_name' if $what eq 'rose';


The results of controller_method_name are expected to be consistent for a given Mojolicious Controller class for a given method name (this module is optimized on this assumption, caching method name calculations.)


Please report all issues with this code using the GitHub issue tracker at


MooseX::MojoControllerExposingAttributes - uses this mechanism to expose attributes marked with a trait from Moose Mojolicious controllers