Mixin::Linewise::Writers - get linewise writers for strings and filenames


version 0.108


  package Your::Pkg;
  use Mixin::Linewise::Writers -writers;

  sub write_handle {
    my ($self, $data, $handle) = @_;

    $handle->print("datum: $_\n") for @$data;


  use Your::Pkg;

  Your::Pkg->write_file($data, $filename);

  Your::Pkg->write_string($data, $string);

  Your::Pkg->write_handle($data, $fh);


write_file and write_string are exported by default. Either can be requested individually, or renamed. They are generated by Sub::Exporter, so consult its documentation for more information.

Both can be generated with the option "method" which requests that a method other than "write_handle" is called with the created IO::Handle.

If given a "binmode" option, any write_file type functions will use that as an IO layer, otherwise, the default is encoding(UTF-8).

  use Mixin::Linewise::Writers -writers => { binmode => "raw" };
  use Mixin::Linewise::Writers -writers => { binmode => "encoding(iso-8859-1)" };


  Your::Pkg->write_file($data, $filename);
  Your::Pkg->write_file($data, $options, $filename);

This method will try to open a new file with the given name. It will then call write_handle with that handle.

An optional hash reference may be passed before $filename with options. The only valid option currently is binmode, which overrides any default set from use or the built-in encoding(UTF-8).

Any arguments after $filename are passed along after to write_handle.


  my $string = Your::Pkg->write_string($data);
  my $string = Your::Pkg->write_string(\%option, $data);

write_string will create a new handle on the given string, then call write_handle to write to that handle, and return the resulting string. Because handles on strings must be octet-oriented, the string will contain octets. It will be opened in the default binmode established by importing. (See "EXPORTS", above, and the options, below.)

Any arguments after $data are passed along after to write_handle.

Like write_file, this method can take a leading hashref with one valid argument: binmode.


Ricardo SIGNES <>


This software is copyright (c) 2008 by Ricardo SIGNES.

This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.