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MediaWiki::Bot::Plugin::Steward - A plugin to MediaWiki::Bot providing steward functions


version 0.0003


    use MediaWiki::Bot;
    my $bot = MediaWiki::Bot->new({
        operator    => 'Mike.lifeguard',
        assert      => 'bot',
        protocol    => 'https',
        host        => 'secure.wikimedia.org',
        path        => 'wikipedia/meta/w',
        login_data  => { username => "Mike.lifeguard", password => $pass },
        ip => '',
        ao => 0,
        summary => 'bloody vandals...',


A plugin to the MediaWiki::Bot framework to provide steward functions to a bot.



Calling import from any module will, quite simply, transfer these subroutines into that module's namespace. This is possible from any module which is compatible with MediaWiki::Bot.



This places a global block on an IP or IP range. You can provide either CIDR or classful ranges. To easily place a vandalism block, pass just the IP.

  • ip - the IP or IP range to block. Use a single IP, CIDR range, or classful range.

  • ao - whether to block anon-only; default is true.

  • reason - the log summary. Default is 'cross-wiki abuse'.

  • expiry - the expiry setting. Default is 31 hours.

        ip     => '',
        ao     => 0,
        reason => 'silly vandals',
        expiry => '1 week',

    # Or, use defaults


Remove the global block affecting an IP or range. The hashref is:

  • ip - the IP or range to unblock. You don't need to convert your range into a CIDR, just pass in your range in xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx-yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy format and let this method do the work.

  • reason - the log reason. Default is 'Removing obsolete block'.

If you pass only the IP, a generic reason will be used.

        ip      => '',
        reason  => 'oops',
    # Or


Locks and hides a user with CentralAuth. $data is a hash:

  • user - the user to target

  • lock - whether to lock or unlock the account - default is lock (0=unlocked, 1=locked)

  • hide - how hard to hide the account - default is not at all (0=none, 1=lists, 2=oversight)

  • reason - default is 'cross-wiki abuse'

If you pass in only a username, the account will be locked but not hidden, and the default reason will be used:

    # Or, the more complete call:
        user    => "Mike.lifeguard",
        reason  => "test",


Same parameters as ca_lock(), but with the default setting for lock reversed (ie, default is unlock).


  • Mike.lifeguard <mike.lifeguard@gmail.com>

  • patch and bug report contributors


This software is Copyright (c) 2010 by the MediaWiki::Bot team <perlwikibot@googlegroups.com>.

This is free software, licensed under:

  The GNU General Public License, Version 3, June 2007