Math::Trig::Degrees - Inverse and hyperbolic trigonemetric Functions
                          in degrees


    use Math::Trig::Degrees qw(dsin dcos tan sec csc cot asin acos atan asec acsc acot sinh cosh tanh sech csch coth asinh acosh atanh asech acsch acoth);
    $v = dsin($x);
    $v = dcos($x);
    $v = tan($x);
    $v = sec($x);
    $v = csc($x);
    $v = cot($x);
    $v = asin($x);
    $v = acos($x);
    $v = atan($x);
    $v = asec($x);
    $v = acsc($x);
    $v = acot($x);
    $v = sinh($x);
    $v = cosh($x);
    $v = tanh($x);
    $v = sech($x);
    $v = csch($x);
    $v = coth($x);
    $v = asinh($x);
    $v = acosh($x);
    $v = atanh($x);
    $v = asech($x);
    $v = acsch($x);
    $v = acoth($x);


This module exports the missing inverse and hyperbolic trigonometric functions of real numbers. The inverse functions return values cooresponding to the principal values. Specifying an argument outside of the domain of the function where an illegal divion by zero would occur will cause infinity to be returned. Infinity is Perl's version of this.

This module is a sub-class of Math::Trig::Units and operates in degrees. For full documentation see the Math::Trig::Units module.


Initial Version John A.R. Williams <> Bug fixes and many additonal functions Jason Smith <> This version James Freeman <>