Math::Geometry::Construction::Role::PointSet - point set objects


Version 0.020


This role provides attributes and methods that are common to all classes which represent objects that are point sets (specifically lines and circles). The role provides means to identify if two such objects are the same.


Public Attributes


An array of Point objects that lie on this object. This is not meant in strict geometrical sense. For a line, the points are the two support points and all points derived from and lying on this line, e.g. PointOnLine constructions and intersection points. However, the points must lie on that line. If, for example, a point is reflected at this line then the reflected point is also somehow associated with this line, but not a point in the sense of this list. Similarly, the center of a circle is not a point.

The points accessor will return the array (not a reference), the register_point method pushes to the array.



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