test_log_config - run regression tests against log processing steps


 test_log_config [Options] -c config_file

 --config_file -c       Specifies the log configuration file
 --test TESTNAME        Specifies a particular test input file to process
 --job STEPNAME         Specifies a particular log processing step to test
 --yaml                 Show the generated data in YAML format


This program provides a way to write regression tests for your log processing configurations. It's part of the Log::Parallel framework. The output from test_log_config is in Test Anything Protocol (TAP).

To write a test for a log processing step, you just need to provide an example input data file and a reference output data file.

Inputs can either be in one of the formats supported by the log processing system, or they can be in a regular Tab Separated Values (TSV) file. The file suffix will determine the parser used to read the input. Use .tsv for TSV files and .ParserName for files that should be read by ParserName.

The reference output must be in either YAML or TSV.

Tests are specified by having a tests array in the log job configuration. The elements of the array are the input files for the test. Relative paths start with the same directory as the configuration file.

Expected output files are named by adding .execpected.yml or .expected.tsv to the input file name.


This package may be used and redistributed under the terms of either the Artistic 2.0 or LGPL 2.1 license.