Labyrinth::Plugin::Release - Release plugin handler for Labyrinth


Contains all the release handling functionality for the Labyrinth Web Framework.


  • List

    Provides basic information for each published release.

  • Item

    Retrieves the basic release data, liner notes and a list of the lyrics, profiles and mp3s associated with the release.

  • Lyrics

    Calls Item(), and provides the full content of each lyric of a release.

  • Profiles

    Calls Item(), and provides the full content of each profile of a release.


  • Admin

    Manage current list of releases.

  • Add

    Add a release.

  • Edit

    Edit existing release.

  • Save

    Save a release.

  • SaveFormat

    Save release format.

  • SaveLyric

    Attach a lyric associated with this release.

  • SaveProfile

    Attach a profile associated with this release.

  • Promote

    Promote the publish status of a release.

  • Delete

    Delete one or more releases.

  • TypeSelect

    Provide a drop down list of release types.


The suite of Music plugins for Labyrinth were originally developed for the Ark and Slim Pickins band websites. With enhancements along the way as they were used in part or wholly for other sites.

There are four key modules within the suite, which enables a "release" to be linked to each element within it.

  * Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Lyrics
  * Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Profiles
  * Labyrinth::Plugin::MP3s
  * Labyrinth::Plugin::Release

The first three can be use completely independently, and do not require the last. However, the last, this module, does require the other three, even if they aren't used.

In the music world, the term 'discography' is used to represent a collection of records (albums, singles, demos, etc), while in the literary world, the term 'bibliography' is used to represent a collection of works by an author (novels, novellas, articles, short stories, etc). This suite of modules can hopefully be used for both, and any other collection type that may be used in other fields of work.


When creating a release, there are many components that can make up the whole picture.

Thinking of albums, there is the basic release information, the liner notes, the lyrics, the people involved (mostly the performers, but may be also a producer, engineer and road crew), and possible MP3s, either samples or complete tracks.

For a book, you may only require the release information, cover notes, the people involved (author(s), editor(s), publisher, etc), and maybe extracts or complete short stories. You may wish to even include audio snippets or interviews via MP3s (or even video files).

All these elements are collected together under this module, so that they can be neatly associated with multiple releases, songs can appear on more than one album, and a short story may feature in more than one collected stories.

To help identify where elements are stored in the system, the following provides a helpful guide.

  • Release Information

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::Release
      database tables = releases, release_ixformats
      templates = ./releases
  • Liner Notes

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::Release
      database tables = releases, articles, paragraphs, images
      templates = ./releases

    Where sectionid=8 in articles table.

  • Lyrics

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Lyrics
      database tables = ixreleases, articles, paragraphs
      templates = ./lyrics

    Where sectionid=7 in articles table, and type=1 in ixreleases.

  • Profiles

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::Articles::Profiles
      database tables = ixreleases, articles, paragraphs, ixprofile, profiles
      templates = ./who

    Where sectionid=5 in articles table, and type=2 in ixreleases.

  • MP3s

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::MP3s
      database tables = ixmp3s, ixreleases, mp3s
      templates = ./mp3s

    Where type=3 in ixreleases.

    Note that ixmp3s is used to link an mp3 to a specific lyric. This can then be used to add appropriate links associated with the displayed lyrics.

  • Support Information

    These are the data types, that are provided to describe the release information. The default set up is for music, but these should be updated to reference other forms, to be more appropriate for the collection type.

      mangement module = Labyrinth::Plugin::Release
      database tables = release_forms, release_types
      templates = ./releases




Barbie, <> for Miss Barbell Productions,


  Copyright (C) 2002-2014 Barbie for Miss Barbell Productions
  All Rights Reserved.

  This distribution is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
  modify it under the Artistic Licence v2.