JMX::Jmx4Perl::Response - A jmx4perl response


 my $jmx_response = $jmx_agent->request($jmx_request);
 my $value = $jmx_response->value();


A JMX::Jmx4Perl::Response is the result of an JMX request and encapsulates the answer as returned by a JMX::Jmx4Perl backend. Depending on the status it either contains the result of a valid request or a error message. The status is modelled after HTTP response codes (see For now, only the codes 200 and 400 .. 599 codes are used to specified successful request and errors respectively.


$response = JMX::Jmx4Perl::Response->new($status,$request,$value,$error,$stacktrace)

Internal constructor for creating a response which is use withing requesting the backend. $error and $stacktrace are optional and should only provided when $status != 200.

$status = $response->status()

Return the status code of this response. Status codes are modelled after HTTP return codes. 200 is the code for a suceeded request. Any code in the range 500 - 599 specifies an error.

$timestamp = $response->timestamp()

Get the timestamp (i.e. epoch seconds) when the request was executed on the serverside.

$history = $response->history()

Get the history if history tracking is switched on. History tracking is switchen on by executing a certain JMX operation on the jolokia:type=Config MBean. See the alias JMX4PERL_HISTORY_MAX_ATTRIBUTE and "HISTORY TRACKING" in jmx4perl for details.

The returned arrayref (if any) contains hashes with two values: value contains the historical value and timestamp the timestamp when this value was recorded.

$ok = $response->is_ok()

Return true if this object contains a valid response (i.e. the status code is equal 200)

$fault = $response->is_error()

Opposite of is_ok, i.e. return true if the status code is not equal to 200

$error = $response->error_text()

Return the error text. Set only if is_error is true

$error = $response->stacktrace()

Returns the stacktrace of an Java error if any. This is only set when is_error is true and and Java exception occured on the Java agent's side.

$content = $response->value()

Return the content of this response, which is a represents the JSON response as returned by the Java agent as a hash reference value. This is set only when is_ok is true.

$request = $response->request()

Return the JMX::Jmx4Perl::Request which lead to this response


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