JMX::Jmx4Perl::Agent::Jolokia::Meta - Fetches, caches and parses Meta data from


This class is responsible for fetching meta data about available agents from Jolokia. It knows how to parse those meta data and caches it for subsequent usage in the local file system.


$meta = JMX::Jmx4Perl::Agent::Jolokia::Meta->new(....)

Create a new meta object which handles downloading of Jolokia meta information and caching this data.


Load the meta data from the server or retrieve it from the cache. The data is taken from the cache, if it is no older than $self->{cache_interval} seconds. If $force is given and true, the data is always fetched fresh from the server.

This method return $self so that it can be used for chaining. Any error or progress infos are given through to the log_handler provided during construction time. This method will return undef if the data can't be loaded.


Returns true if the meta data has been initialized, either by loading it or by using a cached data. If false the data can be loaded via load

$value = $meta->get($key)

Get a value from the meta data.

$jolokia_version = $meta->latest_matching_version($jmx4perl_version)

Get the latest matching Jolokia version for a given Jmx4Perl version


Check, whether the Jolokia and Jmx4Perl versions are compaptible, i.e. whether Jmx4Perl with the given version can interoperate with the given Jolokia version

$type = $meta->extract_type($artifact_name)

Extract the type for a given artifactId


Download a template with the given name. The download URL is looked up in the meta data. If a version is given, the template for this specific version is returned (if present, if not the default template is returned). If no version is given, the default template is returned. The downloaded template is verified as any other downloaded artifact.

The template is returned as a string.


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