Gtk::ColorSelectButton - Choose a color


        use Gtk;
    use Gtk::ColorSelectButton;
    init Gtk;
    init Gtk::ColorSelectButton;

    $color_button = Gtk::ColorSelectButton->new();
    $hbox->pack_start($color_button, 1,1,0);

    print $color_button->color; #shortcut for ->get('color')
    $color_button->set( color => "10 40 250" ); # R G B


Gtk::ColorSelectButton shows a button with a uniform color. Pressing this buton pops up the color_selection dialog in which a new color may be chosen. When the color selection dialog is closed, the chosen color is reflected in the color of the button.

The gtk variable color provides a way to access the chosen color.


Dov Grobgeld <>, with modifications by Kenneth Albanowski <>.


Copyright (c) 1998 Dov Grobgeld. All rights reserved. This program may be redistributed and copied under the same licence as Perl itself.