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Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::DragDest -- drag destination mix-in for TreeModelFilter subclasses


 package MyNewFilterModel;
 use Gtk2;
 use base 'Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::DragDest';

 use Glib::Object::Subclass
   interfaces => [ 'Gtk2::TreeDragDest' ];


Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::DragDest provides the following two functions to implement the Gtk2::TreeDragDest interface in a sub-class of Gtk2::TreeModelFilter.


They're designed as a multiple-inheritance mix-in, so you put Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::DragDest in your @ISA, then add Gtk2::TreeDragDest to the interfaces in your use Glib::Object::Subclass (or register_object).

For simple filter draggability you'll probably find Gtk2::Ex::TreeModelFilter::Draggable enough, but DragDest lets you add draggability to sub-sub-classes of TreeModelFilter.


The drop strategy is simply to delegate to the filter's child-model. If it's not a TreeDragDest, but is another Gtk2::TreeModelFilter, then its child-model is tried, and so downwards to the first TreeDragDest capable child. The destination path position is converted as necessary.

If the drag source is the filter itself (which is usual for say dragging in a Gtk2::TreeView) then the source row ends up being from the first non-filter child model. The above drop strategy ends up on that same child, which is important for instance for a Gtk2::ListStore since it only allows drags within itself.


There's probably no reason GtkTreeModelFilter itself couldn't do this sort of drop, but as of Gtk 2.12 it doesn't. Perhaps by the time you read this it will, and you won't need this code.

If your filter's "visible" function decides a newly dropped row shouldn't appear then the drop still works, but it'll look to the user like the source just disappeared. That might be confusing; or if the destination is some designated "hidden track" then it be what you want.


Gtk2::TreeModelFilter, Gtk2::TreeModel



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