Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType -- combobox for Gdk Pixbuf file format types


 use Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType;
 my $ptypecombo = Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType->new;


Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType is a subclass of Gtk2::ComboBox,



A PixbufType combobox displays file format types available for Gtk2::Gdk::Pixbuf.

    | PNG  |

The active-type property is the type displayed and updated with the user's selection, eg "png".

Currently the types shown are the writable formats in alphabetical order. Writability is checked in Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufFormat under new enough Perl-Gtk2 (some time post 1.223), or for older Perl-Gtk2 there's a hard-coded list of "png", "jpeg", "tiff", "ico" and "bmp" (less any not applicable under an older Gtk).


$ptypecombo = Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType->new (key=>value,...)

Create and return a new combobox object. Optional key/value pairs set initial properties as per Glib::Object->new. For example,

 my $ptypecombo = Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::PixbufType->new
                    (active_type => 'png');


active-type (string or undef, default undef)

The format type selected in the ComboBox. This is the user's combobox choice, or setting it programmatically changes that choice.

The value is a format type name string such as "png", as in the name field of Gtk2::Gdk::PixbufFormat and as taken by $pixbuf->save.

There's no default for active-type, just as there's no default for the ComboBox active. When creating a PixbufType combobox a desired initial selection can be set. "png" or "jpeg" are always available.

for-width (integer 0 up, default 0)
for-height (integer 0 up, default 0)

Show only those file format types which support an image of this size. For example "ico" format only goes up to 255x255, so if for-width and for-height are 300x150 then ico is not offered. The default size 0 means no size restriction.

These properties are int type the same as Pixbuf width/height.


Gtk2::ComboBox, Gtk2::Ex::ComboBox::Enum



Copyright 2010, 2011 Kevin Ryde

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