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Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties::Element::screen_size -- screen size in pixels or millimetres


 Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties->new([$screen, 'screen-size#width'],
                                  [$another, 'something']);


This element class implements ConnectProperties access to the size of a a Gtk2::Gdk::Screen, either in pixels or millimetres.

    screen-size#width        integer pixels, read-only
    screen-size#height       integer pixels, read-only
    screen-size#width-mm     integer millimetres, read-only
    screen-size#height-mm    integer millimetres, read-only

These are $screen->get_width() etc.

screen-size#width and screen-size#height changes are noticed with the size-changed signal. In Gtk 2.14 screen-size#width-mm and screen-size#height-mm changes are noticed with the monitors-changed signal. Before Gtk 2.14 the millimetres don't change.

The size in pixels can change with the video mode. The size in millimetres can change from a RANDR or Xinerama rearrangement of output monitors. In all cases the sizes are read-only since Gtk2::Gdk::Screen doesn't have anything to perform video mode or monitor changes.

For example to display the screen width in a label,

    my $toplevel = Gtk2::Window->new('toplevel');
    my $screen = $toplevel->get_screen;

    # to display the size in some label widget
      ([$screen, 'screen-size#width'],
       [$label,  'label']);

For reference, under X the way Gtk2::Gdk::Window implements fullscreen() probably requires the window manager to notice screen size changes and keep the window full screen on a screen size change. Hopefully an application doesn't have to link screen-size# to the window size to keep full screen.


Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties, Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties::Element::widget_allocation, Gtk2::Gdk::Screen



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