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Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties::Element::response_sensitive -- dialog response sensitivity


 Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties->new([$dialog,  'response-sensitive#ok'],
                                  [$another, 'something']);


This element class implements ConnectProperties access to the sensitivity of a response code in a Gtk2::Dialog, Gtk2::InfoBar or similar.

    response-sensitive#ok       boolean
    response-sensitive#123      boolean

The name part after the "#" is a name or nick from the Gtk2::ResponseType enum, or an integer application-defined response code (usually a positive integer).

      ([$job,    'have-help-available'],
       [$dialog, 'response-sensitive#help', write_only => 1]);

response-sensitive#xx is writable and is applied to the target object with $dialog->set_response_sensitive(). Often writing is all that's needed and the write_only option can force that if desired (see "General Options" in Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties).

response-sensitive#xx is readable if the widget has a get_response_for_widget() method, which means Gtk 2.8 up for Dialog, but not available for InfoBar (as of Gtk 2.22).

To read there must be at least one button etc using the response type, since sensitivity is not recorded in the dialog, it only sets the sensitive property of action area widgets. ConnectProperties currently assumes the first widget it finds using the response will not be removed. Perhaps that could be relaxed in the future, but perhaps only as an option since buttons are normally unchanging and extra listening would be needed to notice a change.

Button sensitivity can also be controlled directly by finding the widget (or perhaps multiple widgets) for the given response and setting their sensitive property. This response-sensitive# is a convenient way to have someone else do that widget lookup.


Glib::Ex::ConnectProperties, Gtk2::Dialog, Gtk2::InfoBar



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