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Games::Dice::Roll20 - Simulate dice rolls with Roll20's syntax


  my $dice = Games::Dice::Roll20->new();
  say $dice->roll('3d20+5');
  say $dice->roll('d6*10+d6');
  say $dice->roll('10d6rk4>5');


Games::Dice::Roll20 simulates dice rolls by using a syntax familiar to players of role playing games. In contrast to many similar projects it does not only support simple constructs like 2d6+4 but aims to simulate complex dice mechanics like exploding, re-rolling and keeping and dropping high or low dice. It should be a almost complete implementation of the dice specification by Roll20. The supported features and deviations from this specifications are listed in our own specification.



  my $result = $dice->roll('3d20+5');

Parse the provided dice expression and returns the results as integer. Returns undef if the expression can't be parsed.


Copyright 2015 Mario Domgoergen <>

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